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What Equipment Is Needed To Start Serving French Fries?


I am starting a French fry concept within a mall and can’t seem to figure out exactly what equipment I would need. Could you give me a list of what I would need to start?


I really don’t get into ordering or listing specific equipment.

Talk to a kitchen equipment designer for the exact models and sizes of what you will need to fit your space.

Here are a few of the essentials:

  • FF machine + exhaust hood
  • Commercial Vegetable peeler if not leaving the potato skins on FF cutter, wall mount or freestanding commercial unit Sinks to wash cut potatoes, space to drain the potatoes.
  • Small-wares: such as bus tubs to store the potatoes once cut, racks to store multiple tubs and heat lamps next to the fryer.

See the following links for further information:

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