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Wet Greek Fries


What restaurant has been around forever and has an amazing following for their soggy fries?


The Athenian Room in Chicago started doing business in 1972 and one of their house specialties is the entrée choice served with fries. But not just any fry. The kalamata-roasted chicken half is served in all its juices over an order of steak fries swimming in a lemon oil vinaigrette. It might sound strange, but if you haven’t tried, don’t knock it. There are several recipe versions posted on the internet, but your best experience will be to head over to this restaurant and try it in person. Tina Fey, of SNL, says it is her absolute favorite restaurant in Chicago. This might be hard to believe when you take a look inside the 1970’s-style exterior—the kitchen is small, the tables have placemats, the décor is pretty plain, and if you want a beer or glass of wine, you’ll have to step out of the restaurant to the bar to buy one and return to your table to drink it.

Here is my picture of the dish I got, but be sure to look on Yelp for better ones.

Athenian Room on Yelp