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Tater Tots Variations


I ate at a restaurant in Boston that made some out of this world potato tots (with lobster).  Now I can’t afford to use lobster in the middle of the country, but I could do something with fish, crab or even some meat like Chorizo.  Rather than re-invent the whole concept do you have any tips on making homemade Tater Tots?


Tater Tots are a registered product from the Ore-Ida company. By the way, did you know the origin of their brand name? It’s pretty obvious…shorten the two state names Oregon and Idaho.These were originally developed by two brothers who wanted to figure out what to do with all the potato bits and pieces left over from making French fries for processing. Here is the history

The real marketing coup was that when first introduced they were very inexpensive and didn’t sell well. The brothers raised the prices and the product took off. It was later bought by the H.J. Heinz Company.

The quickest way to give you an answer to your original question is to watch this video from Sara O’Donnell, Average Betty. It is interesting that she made a comparison of three chefs’ efforts to make potato tots, but really loved the version Chef John Mitzewich came up with.

Going back to your experience at Chef Andy Husband’s location, Tremont 647, he actually shared a basic recipe along with several versions that are perfect for experimenting at a party with your guests to have them vote for a favorite. See below for the recipe.