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Tater Tots®


Is it my imagination, or are Tater Tots® making a comeback as a food item that’s not just for breakfast anymore?


First created in 1953 when the Grigg brothers were looking for new ways to use potatoes in their French fry business, one of the most famous Ore-Ida® products are Tater Tots® shredded potatoes.  They created bite-sized treats from slivers of potatoes and branded them “Tater Tots®” shredded potatoes.  I have seen these used in many different ways such as in casserole dishes, filled with tasty melted cheese (Burger King Cheesy Tots) and smothered with chili (a version of Chili Fritos®).  Here are a number of other recipes using the delectable, bite-size potato treat:

Basic Idaho® Potato Tot Recipes

Homemade Idaho® Potato Cheesy Potato Tots


And, check out this recent write up by Natalie Miklies on homemade tots: