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Healthy and High Potato Nutrition Choices


Healthy items on menus were once the bane of successful sales with customers looking at the heart check mark next to a listing on the menu and avoiding it at all costs. Now I find healthy choices are really boosting my sales and traffic and helping to counter the "no" vote when a group comes in for my indulgent burgers and fries. Any examples you might make for healthy potatoes?


Wait staff scripting can be a creative way to handle this. A quick and healthy way to do this is to add salsa to a plain baked potato, or serving it with a side of creamy horseradish or a squeeze of lemon instead of a scoop of butter and sour cream. A couple of years ago we ran a series of “Watching Waistline and Wallets” recipes for consumers and the ideas were very flavorful and filling too. Click here to see that collection.

Potatoes are high in nutrition, to learn more click HERE!