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Q&A: Most Expensive Potato


What is the most expensive potato you have seen sold in the US in the food business?


Good question, thanks for asking.  Unfortunately I don’t have a definitive answer on the most expensive potato but here goes…The story I have heard from reliable sources is that when Henry Kissinger would come to the Four Seasons in NYC for lunch he would often order a plain baked Idaho potato served with its own bottle of Lungarotti olive oil.  The wait staff knew that they had to bring out a freshly baked spud with a small bottle of olive oil or else he would not be happy.  While the price kept inching up, he continued to order the potato just like clockwork.  According to Ruth Reichl of Gourmet magazine “The truth is that food is not the point here. Nobody pays $9.75 (in 1995 dollars, now that would be about $12.75) to have the world’s best baked potato: people pay for the privilege of eating it in the world’s most powerful company.

This year’s Honey Baked Ham catalogue with Gifts for the Holidays features four twice baked potatoes at 8 ounces each for $22.95 including standard delivery, so with shipping that averages $5.74 each.