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Preparing Scalloped Potatoes for Large Group Ahead of Time

I need to make Jansson's Temptation (a Swedish version of scalloped potatoes) for a group of 70+ as a part of a holiday dinner.  Can scalloped potatoes be frozen before baking (or at least refrigerated), to allow me to put this dish together a few days before serving?
I have had very good luck, including this Thanksgiving, in cutting the potatoes up and immediately tossing them in cold water, rinsing until the water is clear (to remove any excess starch or sugar) then boiling the potatoes, covered with about an inch of water, for 25-30 minutes. Smoosh a potato slice with a fork to see if it breaks up and that will be the right time to pull off the burner. Add some lemon concentrate to the cooked potatoes and water, about 1 teaspoon per gallon of water.  Drain the hot water and place the potatoes into colander, run cold water over the potatoes or add some ice on top to cool. Once cooled off, place the potatoes in a large plastic food bag and seal or put them in a plastic tub and put a lid on it. The next day or two, arrange the potatoes in a casserole dish. Add warm liquids to the potatoes and bake off.