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My Idaho® Potatoes Looked Good On The Outside But Turns Out The Inside Was Rotten


I purchased Idaho® potatoes and they looked good but it turns out they were rotten on the inside, why did this happen?


When Idaho® potatoes are shipped from our state there is a quality control inspection performed on them.  This is just one of the reasons Idaho has such a good reputation for growing the highest quality potatoes in the world.  When produce is received by the intended retailer it is inspected by the US Department of Agriculture, if there is any question about the quality.  The Idaho shipper has no control after their potatoes have been received by the retailer.

It is possible that your purchase was on the shelf longer than the retailer intended.  In most circumstances when a consumer purchases a produce item from a retail store which they are dissatisfied with, you only need to return the unused portion and the sales receipt to the retailer and they will replace or refund your money.