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Is There A Market For Potato Peels?


I was reading a recent issue of Food & Wine magazine and saw a recipe for a potato peel tortilla, and it got me wondering about whether potato peels can be bought in the supermarket. The recipe called for 4 cups of peels, which struck me as being a lot of potatoes. I Googled potato peels and many references came up, usually around "don't throw your peels away" or "how to make use of potato peels." It got me thinking further about whether somebody like an Ore-Ida sells potato peels.

Why not? They're healthful and there seems to be an abundance of ways to work with them.


In processing, when the peels are removed from the potato this is often done by steaming the potato rather than how we would do it at home using a potato peeler. Over the years they have found that the steaming method keeps more of the actual insides intact and so they get a better yield. The high‐ temperature steam loosens the potato skins, which are subsequently removed with the aid of high‐pressure jets of water and the tumbling or rubbing action of the washer. The skin comes off as more of a slurry, so is not something that can be converted easily to a saleable retail product in the frozen potato section of a grocery store.