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Is it Better to Bake a Russet Potato Using a Convection Bake or Regular Bake?


Is it better to bake a russet potato using convection bake or regular bake? And what temperature do you recommend for either? I have a home oven (GE profile) that has both regular bake and convection bake settings; the convection is "True European Convection with Direct Air; it combines a top and bottom bake element with a third loop in the back." We spear the potatoes lengthwise with a metal skewer to conduct heat to the interior.


Sounds like someone has an ultra-cool oven! If there’s one thing the good doctor has learned through the years is that ‘better’ is not necessarily the word to use when comparing recipes, cooking preparations or methods. Rather, I like to say something is ‘different’. Which is the better oven choice for baked potatoes? – Conventional? Convection? Microwave? Each engages a ‘different’ approach. Radiant, heat-circulated, and friction, respectively.

I personally think the best method is conventional or convection, as both uniformly ‘cooks’ the potato throughout, with the convection oven being different in regard to achieving the same result, at a slightly lower temperature, and cooking in a little less time.

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