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Is Glyphosate Applied To Idaho® Potatoes?


Is glyphosate (the active ingredient in the broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup) applied at any point in the production of Idaho potatoes?


I passed this question on to our Industry Relations Director and this was his response:

You are correct, glyphosate is a chemical in the herbicide “Round Up” and it’s used on many fields of fruits and vegetables (potatoes included) when needed to control the weeds. 

I can also tell you that for the last 20-25 years, every month the Idaho Potato industry checks our Idaho® Potatoes for pesticide residues and have never found anything to be alarmed about. We do this just for questions like yours. I’m not aware of any other state that does this.

Our growers are very serious about food safety and produce only the best and safest potatoes around. Keep in mind, their families eat the very same product they grow. So I’ve always thought if it’s good enough for them and their families, it must be good enough for me and mine.

Also, I wanted to show you this site below. This has a pesticide calculator and will let you know just how many servings you could eat before having any negative effects from pesticide residues. According to this, a man can eat over 12,000 servings of potatoes in one day before having any effects. Pesticide Residue Calculator

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