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I’m Looking For A Traditional Mashed Potato Recipe This Holiday Season


Here is the challenge, I never watched my Mom fix Holiday dinners and now my parents are coming over to our house for the first time. Can you help?


Oh, you could be in big trouble but have no fear, Dr. Potato is here to help walk you through the steps!

There are three simple mashed potato tips that you need to remember.

1. First, buy Idaho® potatoes. That’s easy, look for the “Grown in Idaho” Seal on the bag and on signage at the store.

2. Second, after peeling the potatoes cut them into small chunks as this boils faster and more evenly than leaving the potato whole.

3. And third, while traditional mashed potatoes may have milk or cream or half and half added, heat up the liquids before adding to the warm potatoes.

Mash warm Idaho® potatoes and then add warm milk, cream, or half and half.

Here is the recipe: Traditional Mashed Idaho® Potatoes. And most importantly, enjoy! 

Traditional Mashed Idaho® Potatoes