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Idaho® Potatoes at an Irish Pub

We are an Irish pub and want to participate in our local township beer and food festival. Any suggestions on what to serve at our booth?
You have the perfect combination, food and beer. Miniature shepherd’s pies might just be the easiest thing to pull off. You can make the mixture of vegetables and meat in large quantities and keep this hot in a steam table pan or chafing dish. Then mix up Idaho® mashed potatoes into a puree, adding buttermilk to thin the consistency enough to then put into a pastry tube just before serving. Pipe out the potatoes on top of the mixture. Portions can be small; after all it’s just to tempt the attendees to come to your place for more. Here are some quick grab shots I took at an event recently where someone did this:serving_idaho_potatoes_at_an_irish_pub-foodserviceTo dress it up you might sprinkle some chopped green parsley on top or add a roasted carrot coin. Good luck with your event, let us know how it turned out.