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How Do I Store Potatoes Without Having Them Sprout?


You say to store potatoes in a dark spot inside a cupboard in your kitchen. I did that, and my granddaughter did it, and both of our potatoes started sprouting and I think she said hers even had worms in it. So I'm hoping putting it in the lower bin of the refrigerator will work.


It’s best to store potatoes as-is from the consumer bag you purchased them in and keep in a cool (not cold) dark and dry area. Such as in a pantry or cupboard. Use within a week or so, as potatoes will continue to dehydrate, sprout and are subject to skin greening. Before using, that’s the time to rinse the potatoes with clean water and prepare as desired.

Here’s a link to a Dr. Potato post explaining why you should never store potatoes in the refrigerator: