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Has Idaho Changed the Way It Grows Potatoes?


I grew up in Utah/Idaho/Wyoming and potatoes were always full of flavor and delicious. But since I moved to California in 2000, I have been dismayed that normal Russet potatoes are bland and flavorless. Google always tells me Burbank are better than norkota but my experience here in CA is that Norkota are better (but still bland) and Burbank are totally flavorless. So I only buy Yukon Gold or Purple potatoes from South America. But I miss a good old Idaho baked potato like I grew up with. The Burbank russets here in CA may say IDAHO on the bag but they have no flavor. So I'm mystified - the potatoes here taste like they were grown in sand with chemical fertilizer rather than being grown in rich soil. I'd love any suggestions for how I can find good baking potatoes here in Northern California. Thanks!


Nothing significant has changed in how Idaho grows potatoes. It’s the same wonderful varieties, raised in rich volcanic soil, the same perfect climate, pure water and TLC handling and storage. The only thing that could possibly alter the flavor you describe is if the potatoes were stored incorrectly somewhere along the supply chain. Potatoes should always be stored in a cool dark place (such as in pantry), above 45 degrees, never refrigerated and never stored with items that could infuse them with off flavors such as onions. So no matter where you live or shop for potatoes as long as it says Idaho on the bag, rest assured it is the genuine article.