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Getting moisture out of mashed potatoes


How do I get the moisture out of my mashed potatoes?

A: just had an excellent article on making whipped mashed potatoes with several tips. The article walks you thru several options that were discarded or modified.

I always like to start with the right variety of potato, and russets seem to consistently outperform reds or Yukon Golds, primarily because most russets on average have a little more starch to water ratio. I firmly believe in using the Russet Burbank variety from Idaho, although others will work too.

First, don’t waterlog the potatoes when you cook them, usually by boiling or steaming whole. Try cutting the potato into chunks and start with cold water, boil and then remove and drain when fork tender (it will give when you press the potato with the fork tines). Try draining the cooked water off in a sieve or colander and then placing back on the stove to cook out some of the extra moisture, just a couple of minutes. Mash with a masher (or a ricer which makes great non lumpy spuds). Always add melted butter or the liquid when it is warm and do this a little at a time.

It is really not that hard, give it a try.