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Garlic Flavor and Idaho® Potatoes


I love garlic and want to pair a recipe up with potatoes. Seems like the restaurants I go to that serve garlic mashed potatoes are afraid that they will offend someone who orders this side dish, I can hardly ever taste the garlic… any suggestions?


Potatoes pair up with so many great flavors, especially spices, herbs and as you pointed out…garlic.  While the first recipe that follows is from a restaurant, it can easily be adapted for a dinner party.  With a name like Chef Wendy Jordan’s “GET-A-MAN” Potatoes with Dijon Aioli and Roasted Garlic Jus” it would be perfect for entertaining.

While browsing the internet I came across another recipe for garlic mashed potatoes using whole roasted garlic.  If you have ever dined at Domenico’s on the Wharf in Monterey California then you already know how roasted garlic heads make a wonderful jam to spread on fresh baked French bread.  So imagine what it would taste like when combined with your favorite mashed potato recipe.  The blog I am referencing is a real find, Jaden does food styling, photography and has a wonderful way of describing what she is making and pairing it with pictures. Check out these three hits from

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