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Fresh French Fry Tips


   My fresh fries keep turning out limp, do you have any suggestions?


Sometimes fries come out limp and stick together, here are some reasons why:

  • Overfilling the fry basket will result in limp fries, dark color, and fries that are stuck together fries.
  • Under-frying, leaving the basket of fries over the fryer too long, and salting too soon also will result in poor texture.

Even though you can cook fries until they’re golden brown, sometimes they’re not always cooked through.  If you’re using fresh Idaho® potatoes, be sure to store them at 55⁰F.  Too cold a temperature will result in a sugar streaking or fries that look golden but are not thoroughly cooked.  Also, to ensure proper fry color, make sure oil temperature is correct and not too hot, fries are left in oil for the correct amount of time, and oil is not too old or dirty.  Or, try blanching your fries first.

As far as holding French fries, never hold fries for more than 10 minutes.  Hold at 300⁰F in a warming cabinet or at 100⁰ – 120⁰F under heat lamps.  For best results, use heat lamps.