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Fingerling Potatoes Can Be A Unique Side Dish, Ingredient, Or Entrée


What can I do with Idaho® Fingerling potatoes to make them taste unique for my guests?


Those cute little marble size colorful fingerlings like the Russian Banana, the Purple Peruvian or the French Fingerling (with a light pink interior) taste great when steam or boiled and cut up into a salad as well as when roasted in a pan or the oven. Just recently a group of chain restaurant chefs took on the challenge to do something a little different with these tiny morsels of flavor. My photography leaves a little to be desired, but hopefully you get ideas out of these shots that will encourage you to try something a little different.

One team poached their Purple Peruvian potatoes in clarified butter and aromatics, almost like a confit.

Another grated the Purple Peruvian potatoes and made delicious, really earthy potato pancakes. Just remember to grate into water and add a little acidity to the water such as vinegar or citrus juices.

One team cut the potatoes into small dices and made a version of a classic risotto substituting the typical rice for the starch, with the red French Fingerling.

Perhaps the most unusual effort was a chef's interpretation of what a salsa could be, savory instead of sweet or spicy. Boiled French Fingerlings were cooled with a touch of fresh lime and cut into small chunks. Diced tomatoes and other herbs were added. This was served over a deconstructed traditional Mexican dish. Wouldn't it make a nice side to pulled pork and fresh avocados and masa flour dough?

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