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Dr. Potato 2015 “Is It Real?” What Does The Great Big Idaho Potato Truck “Spud” Really Look Like Without Its Clothes?


Some people may be fooled, but I’m not. That giant Idaho potato that has been touring the country isn’t real. I want to know what it looks like underneath that russet colored skin.


You’ve asked a very good question. Now, if we share the answer you won’t go telling young kids who just might still believe in the giant potato will you?It started out small…

Truck 1

Then grew up to go on tour in celebration of the Idaho Potato Commission’s 75th anniversary in 2012.And now, as Paul Harvey used to say “here is the rest of the story”.
Truck 2Truck 3Truck  4Truck 5Truck 6Truck 7Truck 8Truck 9