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Does Blanching Potatoes Make Them Low in Carbohydrates?


Does blanching potatoes make them low in carbohydrates...low enough for a low-carb diet?


Very interesting question! Can anything occur to transform potato carbs somehow? The short answer to this question is, no. Keep in mind that blanching potatoes (par cooking as the first of two steps in water or oil) only preps potatoes for the final step. Such as the finish fry for French fries.

However, something to consider if you’re looking for potatoes with less starch/carbs is trying non-russet varieties (such as round whites, reds, or yellow type potatoes). We refer to these as ‘waxy’ potatoes due to their comparative high water content. The higher water volume in the potato, the lower the starch (or solids). Keep in mind this is just an observation. The information available for exact starch/water percentages content is elusive, so I suggest that you check with your health professional before committing to a regular regiment, pinpointing which potato varieties are more favorable and in what recommended portions.