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Do You Have Any Suggestions For Potato Based Appetizers For My Restaurant And Bar?


Do you have any suggestions for potato based appetizers for my restaurant and bar?


Bar bites make it easy for a guest or group to try more than one thing to experience what the restaurant is about.

They usually are priced in a way to encourage trial, just like wine by the glass rather than having to purchase a whole bottle.

Bar bites give the chef and kitchen staff a way to think outside the box and play a little with the menu or gauge the popularity of a protein addition with the restaurant audience.

Bar bites are easier for guests to continue conversations without the interruption of stopping to “eat”

Many bar bite choices can range from being comfortable to ethnic to eclectic

Sometimes a bar bite needs to be easy to assemble, so the kitchen can easily serve something between lunch and dinner or for late night while not interrupting the normal preparation procedures for full meals or wrapping up the evening to let the more expensive hourly or salaried staff go early.

Here are some fun appetizers and bar bites that should fit your needs perfectly:

Spreadable dips with Idaho potatoes, prepared ahead of time and heated or baked in individual ramekins or fondue: