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Consumer Potato Recipes

  1. Does the have a section just for consumer recipes?
  2. I am a professional chef, do you also have food service potato recipes?
  3. If I have potatoes and want to find a recipe for a scalloped potato casserole, is there a way to find more than just one on the web site?

All these questions are good, and have simple answers.

We actually made a conscious decision with the web site to combine food service and consumer recipes together so that when searching for a particular recipe or ingredient, ethnic, time of day or other possibilities that both would automatically come up. Seems often that people are searching for ideas, so the more we could offer, the better. In addition, between food magazines and television shows like Food Network, the home cook looks for inspiration not just from other cooks but also the professional community of chefs. However, a fun section of our web site is devoted to food bloggers, so if looking for something creative to cook for family, friends or special occasions you might want to check there first, currently we have over 110 recipes from about sixty different bloggers.

If you just want to see the foodservice recipes, produced by professional chefs and cooks, including some from Top Chef and other favorite TV shows then just go to the food service landing page, and then click on recipes. Fun features in this section also include our annual Chef’s Calendar selections, twelve wonderful recipes are highlighted each year.

You can search our recipe section by ingredients, by categories, by time of day and for unique items such as desserts.

Also, at the bottom of the home page is an icon for Idaho® Potato videos, including recipes from such food bloggers as “Average Betty” on YouTube. Become a subscriber (at no cost) and get notifications of new videos coming up.

Happy potato recipe hunting!