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Can Idaho® potatoes be used to make doughnuts?


Can Idaho® potatoes be used to make doughnuts?


Pairing potatoes with bakery and dessert? Not such a foreign concept if we talk breads, cakes and donuts. For example, using mashed potatoes in donuts is a long-standing technique (before Dunkin’, there was Spudnuts); potatoes give the finished donut a denser texture, locking in moisture and extending shelf life.  As a bonus, a unique item like Idaho® potato donuts, donut holes or fritters gives your breakfast, brunch and dessert menu a distinctively contemporary spin.

Idaho® Potato Doughnut Holes with Salted Carmel Glaze
Idaho® Potato Doughnut Holes with Salted Carmel Glaze

Chocolate Potato Donuts with Crème Anglaise
Chocolate Potato Donuts with Crème Anglaise

The mild flavor profile of Idaho® potato donuts invites a wide range of congenial pairings: chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla cream and lemon crème fraîche to name a few. Savory fillings and toppings can take donuts in the direction of snacks and appetizers.

The familiar donut form also encourages flights of fancy and innovation, such as donut ice cream sandwiches and donut sundaes. Finally, consider shaking baked hash browns with cinnamon sugar (or flaked salt and herbs) for an unconventional potato donut topping.

Potato Donut Tips:

  • Creating a familiar item with unexpected ingredients (Idaho® potatoes!) starts a buzz among guests that they share with others.
  • Donuts and donut holes hold well and can be prepared ahead of time.
  • Incorporate savory herbs and spices to take the ubiquitous donut in another direction. Mix roasted red peppers, chopped artichoke hearts, olive slices incorporated into the dough, then fry in olive oil to take donuts to brunch, lunch or dinner. Fill a donut with spicy tomato purée for an Idaho hush puppy.
  • Customize donuts to reflect the latest trends, with a ready to dip into a peanut satay, or filled with fruit jellies or jams then filled like an éclair and topped with a decadent sauce.


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