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Can I eat week old potatoes that have been cooked and refrigerated?


I baked several potatoes last week and put them in the fridge in individual containers. Would they still be ok to eat? I baked them using a rack that has a sharp tab that pierces the potato and holds it in place so there is a small cut in them. They are stored plain with no butter, sour cream, etc. The skin is dry and loose but the inside looks and smells fine. I have heard bad things about foil wrapped potatoes and wondered if the Tupperware containers would be considered a low oxygen environment?


These should be fine for a few days, 3-4 max. The food safety issue with foil is that if the potatoes were taken from the oven, warm, and sealed up in foil, then left out at room temp for an extended period of time then you should not eat them. Also, if they have dairy mixed with them that could introduce something that could grow with a neutral PH from the potato. If you baked the potatoes, let cool before sealing up in the plastic tubs, then refrigerated they should be fine.