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Breakfast Burritos


Recently I saw an article about Denver restaurants comparing breakfast burritos and noticed that all of them included potatoes, eggs and some form of chili wrapped in a tortilla.  Do you have a recipe that might be a little more unique that we could try in our place?


Thanks for sending me the link to writer Patricia Calhoun’s cook-off analysis of neighborhood restaurants all serving a similar breakfast burritos made with potatoes:

I was interested in seeing that two locations used chunks of potatoes while the third made their potato burrito with shredded hashbrowns.  Both options can be done with convenience pre-cooked potatoes or made from scratch.  If making from scratch, the Idaho® potato, with its high solids and low moisture profile, will actually shrink less, give you better plate coverage (or in this case tortilla coverage) and can sop up the wet red or green chili mixture without getting soggy.  We recently worked with the Compass/Eurest group on a chef’s calendar and this next recipe was one of the winners. It adds color to brighten up your breakfast menu:

Idaho® Potato Breakfast Burrito

Idaho® Potato Breakfast Burrito
Recipe courtesy of George Moore, Executive Chef

Here is a version consumers can easily make at home for breakfast or brunch:

Fiesta Wraps

And while there is no picture, here is another recipe for a breakfast wrap:

Yucatan Wraps

And finally, if you decide to skip the tortilla altogether (or serve it on the side, pre-heated) this is a very tasty potato and chorizo combination:

Smashed Potatoes with Chorizo
Recipe courtesy of Andrea Curto-Randazzo, Co-owner/Chef Talula, Miami Beach, FL