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Are Idaho Russets Considered A Waxy Potato?


Are Idaho® Potatoes considered waxy? I found a delicious sounding recipe for a potato salad that calls for waxy potatoes. All I have at home at Idaho russets.


Idaho Russets are not considered “waxy” as they have high solids or starch and low moisture. Most recipes calling for waxy potatoes are referring to reds or yellows. These have more water and less starch. While Idaho potato growers do grow mostly russet varieties, several also grow reds and yellows. Just look for the “Grown in Idaho” as part of the certification mark that shows a message: 100% Idaho® potatoes. For reds or yellow flesh potatoes most salad recipes call for keeping the skin on (usually less thick than a russet although all potato skins are healthy to consume) and boiling or steaming the potatoes. If using a russet, I recommend not boiling or steaming the potatoes whole as the outside will get overcooked before the inside is done. Instead, using peeled or unpeeled Idaho russets, cut into even sized chunks 1 ½ to 2 inches in diameter and start with cold water, bringing the potatoes up to boiling and after ten minutes check with a fork to see if tender (fork pierces the skin easily without resistance) then drain the water and let cool or run cold water over the potatoes and cool again before mixing in the other liquid dressing ingredients and spices.

By the way, lots of great tasting potato salad recipes at the Idaho Potato Commission web site, here’s a link:

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