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Are Idaho® Potatoes Nutritious?


Recently, I was following a diet designed to lower my cholesterol. Accordingly, potatoes were listed as a “food to avoid” due to the starch content. After visiting your website, I am now confused as to whether or not I should include them in my diet. Can you please help?


For this question, we asked Sue Kennedy, with Evans, Hardy and Young, as she is working directly with American Heart Association. Sue Kennedy writes:

”I’m not a doctor or a dietitian so I’m not professionally trained to offer nutrition advice. What I can offer is information about Idaho® potatoes and how they relate to heart health.

Idaho® potatoes have been certified by the American Heart Association as a heart healthy food. They have:
• No fat or cholesterol
• Contain 45% of the daily value of vitamin C
• Have more potassium than a banana.

The key is to find different healthy ways to prepare your potato. Avoid frying. It adds unwanted saturated fat. If you love baked potatoes pass on the sour cream and butter (both are typically loaded with saturated fat and cholesterol) and opt for healthier toppings like salsa, fresh vegetables and protein. Check out our Build-a-Baker app to find out more about the way the toppings affect the overall nutrition.

The American Heart Association is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to know more about the different ways to improve the health of their heart.

I also did a little research and came across this article that specifically addresses starch and cholesterol.  You may also be interested in talking to a dietitian. The American Dietetic Association can help you find one in your area. Just visit”