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All About Latkes


Any thoughts on how to make Latkes using Idaho Potatoes?


image You are off to the right start by specifying Idaho potatoes.  The Russet Burbank variety from Idaho makes an excellent choice because of its high starch content.  No matter what russet you use; Ranger, Classic, Umatilla, Premier, Western, Norkotah, or the potato named after famed scientist Luther Burbank…always choose Idaho.

A perfect latke builds upon the high solids or starch to turn out golden brown and extra crispy.  The crunch is a nice contrast to a soft center.

A recent article by Beth J. Harpaz credits five key points to achieve a perfect latke:

  1. Avoid discoloration
  2. Get the water out
  3. Shape your patties right
  4. Go golden, not greasy
  5. Knowing when to flip

View her entire article here.

Here are several recipes from our web site:

Best of all, check out these tips from this short video featuring Chef and Dean of Kendall College in Chicago on making potato cakes, latkes, and potato pancakes.