Back to School '16

No matter what age your kids are, eating dinner together is oh so important. And, during that first month back to school, when everyone is adjusting to new schedules, making nutritious and tasty suppers can be a challenge. We've sifted through our collection of recipes and found our favorite back-to-school dishes that are easy to prepare and appealing to kids of all ages. Taco Tuesdays are always popular especially when you serve Idaho Potato Tacos. Purple or red potatoes topped with guacamole make a colorful and healthy meal. If your kids are a little older and can help in the kitchen, try Idaho Potato Crusted Pizza. Thinly sliced Idaho potatoes are topped with shredded chicken, pesto and reduced-fat cheese.  And, if your family has a favorite pizza topping, add that, too! One of the best parts about this recipe is that it's gluten-free. Browse through our recipe collection and no doubt you'll find more than a few to incorporate into your family meal plan.