Luck of the Irish

This St. Paddy’s Day are you hankering for slow-cooked beef stew made with a pint of Guinness? Or maybe authentic corned beef and cabbage?  Perhaps shepherd’s pie piled high with buttery mashed Idaho® potatoes? Well, the luck of the Irish is with you… you've found the pot of gold!

The Idaho Potato Commission has a collection of Irish recipes you can serve all month long to celebrate the patron Saint of Ireland. Those longing for traditional Irish fare rave about our Irish Colcannon and Turkey Shepherd's Pie recipes.

And, for those feeling a wee bit more adventurous Lamb Stew with Pesto and Arugula and Reuben Irish Nachos are must-try meals.

Or, if you’re just looking for a simply delicious green dish to serve, we’ve got a few of those too!