Grilling and Camping

Make sure you’ve got a full tank for your grill or lot's of wood for your campfire because we’ve got a mouth-watering collection of recipes and you’ll want to try them all!

Our favorite super simple recipe is Crispy Grilled Idaho Potatoes. Skewered potato chunks are basted with an oil mixture and grilled until brown and crisp on the outside and still tender inside. The best part, in addition to the taste of course, is that they can be served with anything from steak to fish to chicken.

A really easy to make meal is Classic Idaho Potato Low Country Boil Grill Packets. Packets of foil are filled with Idaho potatoes, ears of corn, shrimp and sausage that are seasoned with Old Bay and grilled over a campfire for about 12 minutes. That’s it! Open the packets, squeeze a little lemon over the top and enjoy!

Happy summer everyone!!!