Roasted Potatoes

Roasted Idaho potatoes are a favorite side dish among foodservice operators for many practical reasons.  

• Any type of potato that is readily available can be roasted – from fingerlings to russets 

• The potatoes can be diced, sliced, halved, wedged or cubed to reflect the chef’s creativity 

• The versatile vegetable can be flavored with rosemary, fennel, curry or any combination of savory spices and herbs 

• Preparation time is usually pretty fast

The IPC’s Roasted Potato & Fennel Salad flavors quartered roasted russet potatoes with a Dijon mustard-based vinaigrette and chopped fresh fennel greens. The recipe can be prepared in advance making it especially appealing to busy kitchens. For those seeking a piping hot side dish, Herb Baked Idaho Potatoes is easy to prepare, presents beautifully and pairs well with any protein.  

Our favorite roasted potato recipes are listed below.  All can be served as is or easily adapted to better reflect the restaurant’s cuisine.