Super foods: Idaho® Potatoes + Avocados

This month’s superfood powered pairing combines two ingredients that are jam packed with nutrients: Idaho® potatoes and avocados.

What do these two ingredients have in common? Vitamin C, an important nutrient with a long and growing list of benefits including protecting the body from immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal problems, etc. Both Idaho® potatoes and avocados are nutrient-dense foods containing tons of vitamins and minerals. The versatility of both ingredients allows you to create tantalizing recipes that will taste perfect at your next summer bbq.

Speaking of summer, what’s the first dish that pops into your head? Potato salad! Foxes Love Lemons blogger and foodie, Lori Yates, creates a fresh and healthy take on your classic potato salad recipe. Since avocados are full of healthy fats and omega-3s, this Guacamole Idaho® Potato Salad offers the same creamy flavor without all the unnecessary calories. It makes a great side dish to enjoy at your next summer celebration!