When you’ve got a busy schedule and hungry mouths to feed, nothing beats a piping hot casserole bubbling with flavor. 

Scalloped Root Vegetable Casserole is the perfect cold weather dish. It looks and tastes delicious, too! Thinly sliced russet, red and sweet potatoes and turnips that have been coated in a cream mixture, are placed vertically in a baking pan and topped with the remaining cream mixture. Since it serves 8-10 people, it’s a great dish for a large group or you can enjoy leftovers for a few days!

Or if spring is in the air and you’re craving lighter fare, try Healthier Funeral Potatoes. Don’t let the name scare you! In several areas of the country, potato casseroles are called Funeral Potatoes because they are often made for grieving families and friends. This recipe uses Greek yogurt, hatch chiles and crushed tortilla chips to make a gluten-free, south of the border scrumptious side dish. 

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