It's Camping Season!

About 40 million Americans go camping every year. That’s a lot of s’mores! 

But, let’s wait and talk about dinner before we dive into dessert. 

Regardless of your camping style – RV, glamping or tent –  the versatile Idaho® potato is the perfect food to bring with you. It’s filling, nutritious, delicious, easy to transport and can be served with any meal. Plus, you can eat the entire tuber, making your “leave no trace” efforts just a little easier. 

Baking is the easiest way to prepare potatoes but after a week in the wilderness, you might be hankering for something a little different. Dutch ovens are a camping must-have and we’ve got a few recipes that’ll you want to try the next time you spend the night under the stars. 

Easy Dutch Oven Idaho Potato Chilaquiles Verde promises to be a campfire favorite. Idaho® potatoes sliced into one-inch triangles are fried in olive oil in the Dutch oven. When they are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, toss in tortilla chips, salsa, mozzarella and combine. Garnish with a fried egg, jalapeños, cilantro, and Cotija cheese. We also recommend making an extra-large batch of Crispy Grilled Red Idaho Potatoes that you can easily reheat in the morning with some cast iron skillet scrambled eggs. 

Now back to those s’mores...