Seafood & Idaho® Potatoes

Heart-healthy seafood and Idaho® potatoes make a great combination and menu offering especially in February, which is National Heart Month. Some of our favorite recipes are featured below and you’ll see how unique they are in their presentation. Idaho potatoes cut into 1/8-inch brunoise cubes replace traditional rice in Idaho Potato and Spiced Ahi Maki Roll. Another creative appetizer is Idaho® Potato Caviar Tacos. Handmade Idaho potato chips are used instead of taco shells and are filled with soft cream cheese, topped with caviar, fresh dill and thinly sliced radishes. And, Russet Wrapped Shrimp Pops were created for the kid in all of us! Spiced spiral cut russets are wrapped around skewered shrimp and fried in corn oil for two minutes. Delish!! Seafood and Idaho® potatoes are equally versatile, making them the perfect pairing for any breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack occasion. Bon appetite!