Fruits of Summer

Move over corn...we’re adding some fruit to the plate! Yes, the versatile potato pairs just as perfectly with fruit as it does with veggies. And speaking of veggies, did you know that tomatoes and avocados are actually considered fruits?

Surprise your family with Raspberries Mashed Potatoes. From the pinkish hue, to the sweet taste to the melt-in-your mouth texture, this side dish will not only capture everyone’s attention it will satisfy their hungry stomachs. Fruit salsa is a great accompaniment to French fries, latkes and even tacos made from Idaho potatoes. Or if potato salad is on the menu, the Idaho Potato Commission has several recipes like Summer Blueberry Idaho Potato Salad that boost the nutritional value of the salad and add a bite of sweetness. We’ve identified some our favorite recipes that deliciously capture the flavors of summer fruit.