Consumer Potato Lover's Month '19

Idahoans aren’t the only ones who love potatoes. In a recent study conducted by the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) folks across the country were asked to name their favorite vegetable, and it’s no surprise that Idaho potatoes topped the list! More than a quarter of Americans (26%) – or nearly 68 million – say potatoes are their favored choice. Far fewer say the same about broccoli (19%), corn (14%) or leafy greens (14%).

What’s makes Idaho potatoes a national favorite? Their taste? Versatility? Impressive nutrient profile? Most likely it’s all of the above!

And if you’re wondering how folks like to eat the versatile vegetable, below are some of the most popular recipes on our website. Traditional Potato Salad was the hands down winner but there's lots of other delicious recipes in tow.

February is Potato Lover’s Month and the perfect time to try them all!