St Patty's Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Celebrate this Irish holiday by whipping up a batch of savory Shepherd’s Pie Twice Baked Potatoes. This recipe is made with ground beef, carrots, peas, corn, and green beans and is served inside Idaho® potato skins. It’s the perfect twist to a classic dish.

Having a St. Patty’s Day party? Food blogger Susan Palmer’s Corned Beef Hash Patties make for a light and delicious appetizer. For dinner, wow your guests with our hearty Irish Lamb and Idaho® Potato Stew. This dish is made with Guinness and cooked in a Dutch oven, giving it amazing depth and flavor. For a lighter option, try our Irish Potato Cabbage Soup with Bacon & Cheese.

Don’t worry, each of these Idaho® potato recipes include a green ingredient, so you don’t have to worry about being pinched by a leprechaun. However, we do suggest wearing your green apron… just to be safe.