Touchdown Tater Tidbits

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BSU Quarterback Jared Zabransky can throw an Idaho Potato 80 yards. It’s no wonder, considering he was raised on a potato farm.

Complex carbohydrates are crucial for athletic performance, so much so that many Olympic athletes have been advised to consume diets containing 60-70 percent of their total calories in carbohydrates – what could be better than an Idaho Potato?

Based on average American consumption, it would take 5,704 pounds of Idaho Potatoes to fuel the Broncos team and staff for one football season. (Of course, this does not account for football-sized appetites.)

Feeling anxious about the big game? Eating potatoes can actually calm you when you’re feeling stressed because potatoes and other carbohydrate-rich foods contain serotonin, a chemical in the brain that regulates mood.

It would take 60,000 Idaho Potatoes lined up side-by-side to cover a NCAA football field.

Idaho Potatoes can make you smarter! Studies have shown that foods high in carbohydrates encourage greater mental clarity. Safety Chris Carr and Kicker/Punter Kyle Stringer must have been eating their Idaho Potatoes when they were named to District All Academic Team with GPA’s of 3.26 and 3.55 respectively.

In 2002, former BSU player Bobby Hammer broke the bench press record by lifting 505 pounds. That’s the equivalent to 51- ten-pound bags of Idaho Potatoes.

Idaho Potato Commission President and CEO, Frank Muir, was a former Defensive Back for the Utah State University Aggies.