Todd Cornelison of Rigby, Idaho Named Industry Relations Director of the Idaho Potato Commission

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EAGLE, Idaho, October 26, 2007 -The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) is pleased to announce that Todd Cornelison has accepted the position of Industry Relations Director for the Idaho Potato Commission. This new position, which will be based in Eastern Idaho, will focus on building relationships between the IPC and all industry members, especially growers.

Todd has been entrenched in the Idaho Potato industry his entire life. He knows many of the growers, shippers and processors and has already earned a high level of trust and respect from his constituents,? explained Frank Muir, President/CEO, Idaho Potato Commission. With Todd?s knowledge of the industry, his proven leadership abilities and enthusiasm, I know that Todd will be an excellent addition to our team.?

As Industry Relations Director, Cornelison will ensure that IPC programs are being communicated to the industry as well as provide feedback to the IPC and Commissioners. One of the most important responsibilities of the position will be to facilitate three new committees that will each focus on a different aspect of the Idaho Potato industry.

The Committees

The Agriculture Affairs Committee will focus on environmental, legislative and regulatory, and immigration and labor issues. Other farming practices will also be discussed.
The Trade and Promotion Committee will provide input on the overall marketing of fresh and processed potato products that are sold domestically and internationally. The committee will also provide guidance on the Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) program.
The Research and Education Committee will provide support for Potato Variety Management Institute (PVMI) and input on basic research funding and the expanse of organic and specialty variety potatoes.
In addition to providing a new forum for discussion and idea exchange, the committees will also provide a unique venue for developing leadership within the industry.

Cornelison is impressed and pleased with the changes the Idaho Potato Commission has made over the past several years. ?I am very excited about this opportunity to work for the Commission and strengthen relations with Idaho growers, shippers and processors,? said Todd Cornelison. The IPC leadership has made many significant and positive changes that have impacted the entire industry and I'd like to help take it to the next level.

Industry members will have an opportunity to meet Todd Cornelison on the upcoming Idaho Potato Commission Whistle Stop Tour:

  • November 13 - Noon: Ameritel Hotel in Boise

  • November 14 - Noon: Ramada Inn in Pocatello

  • November 15- 6:00PM: Shilo Inn in Idaho FallsPrior to joining the Idaho Potato Commission, Cornelison served as the Chief Operating Officer of High Country Foods, a family-owned and operated business located in Rexburg, Idaho. His responsibilities included managing the bank financing for the farm and warehouse and overseeing all production and transportation initiatives. In the mid-1990?s Cornelison moved to Reno where he managed The Associate Financial office for four years.Cornelison served on the Board of Directors for the Idaho Growers Shippers Association and was committee chairperson for the annual meeting in Sun Valley.Todd Cornelison and his wife Kelli have been married 17 years and have three children. In their free time they like to spend as much time as possible outdoors; they especially enjoy boating and camping together as a family.Additional Committee InformationThe Committees are scheduled to be established by December 2007. Anyone who works in the Idaho Potato industry and is interested in strengthening and moving it forward is eligible to sit on a committee. Those who would like to sit on a committee should have their respective organizations nominate them. For those not represented by an organization, please contact the Commission office directly. For more information, please contact the Idaho Potato Commission office at 208-334-2350. Email address: