The Idaho Potato Commission’s “Stunt Tater” Shares a Daring Twist on Potato Preparation with Innovative Video Series and New Website

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EAGLE, ID, May 4, 2010 – At this year’s National Restaurant Association (NRA) show, the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) is launching an artistically-inspired series of six potato videos hosted by Stunt Tater - the “star spud” who hails from Idaho and turns his unpredictable adventures into a variety of easily prepped potato dishes.  The videos will play on a continuous loop throughout the Show hours – entertaining booth visitors and passersby with memorable antics that ultimately deliver delicious potato preparations.

Stunt Tater’s capers take place in an animated, whimsical setting – deep inside a commercial kitchen where miniature talking potatoes live, work and interact with one another.   Each night Stunt Tater attempts fearless stunts intended to amuse and impress his friends and other “spec-taters.”  A peek into his feats includes walking a tightrope of crispy sliced bacon with metal hash brown shredders below.  The normally nimble Stunt Tater suddenly loses his balance, slips on bacon grease and - voila - breakfast is served!  Similar escapades that turn into delicious disasters result in scalloped, mashed, fried, blended and baked Idaho® potato dishes.

“Our goal was to showcase an innovative spin on the traditional educational video,” said Don Odiorne, VP of Foodservice for IPC.  “Each of these one-minute segments communicates the versatility of Idaho® potatoes as well as a breadth of preparation ideas in an amusing skit.  We invite all NRA attendees to stop by and watch them with us.  They are eye-catching, fun and not soon forgotten!”

The videos combine a mix of still animation along with the use of food and ingredient photography, attention-getting visual animation for titles, instructions and basic preparation procedures.  A set of recipe cards featuring the preparations showcased in the videos is available to show attendees.

In addition to the Stunt Tater video series, the IPC re-introduces, which houses “behind-the-scenes” Stunt Tater episodes and outtakes.  The site will also have games, wallpaper scenes for download, ring tones and the ability to create your own personalized potato face to send to friends.

We invite you to visit anytime for Idaho® potato inspiration designed specially for the foodservice professional.  The site features the following:


    • Chef-inspired recipes for commercial and noncommercial operations;


    • The latest and archived issues of The Rave Review, IPC’s quarterly e-newsletter;


    • IPC’s “Project Reinvent” ad campaign;


    • Ask Dr Potato - IPC’s blog, hosted by Don Odiorne; and


    • A wide array of additional resources for everything related to Idaho® potatoes.