Denise Austin Films New TV Spot for Idaho Potatoes on Location From "The Best Earth on Earth"

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EAGLE, ID, September 22, 2008 - Fitness guru Denise Austin stepped out of the gym and into Idaho's spectacular scenery to film a new national TV commercial for the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC). Shot on a potato farm in Eastern Idaho, the new ad launching this fall features breathtaking views of the natural environment that makes Idaho® Potatoes the best in the world.

With a backdrop of rolling potato fields, snow-capped mountains and clear, flowing rivers, Denise Austin shows that only genuine Idaho Potatoes come "from the best earth on Earth." The IPC's new TV ad touts Idaho's rich environment as the secret to the state's high-quality spuds. Idaho's rich volcanic soil, pure water, clean air and ideal climate contribute to its plentiful potato industry accounting for roughly one-third of the U.S. fall potato crop. In fact, the Idaho Potato harvest, which runs from August through October, produces approximately 11 billion pounds of potatoes or enough spuds to fill nearly 500 NFL-size football fields (360' L x 160' W x 10' H)!

"We couldn't think of a better way to convey the elements that make Idaho Potatoes so special than to place Denise (and the viewers) right in the middle of it all," said Frank Muir, President and CEO, Idaho Potato Commission. "This commercial builds on our other award-winning campaigns that were shot in a studio and promises to be even more successful and impactful."

At a time when consumers have become increasingly in tune with the origin of their produce, the IPC wants consumers to know that, no matter where you purchase your potatoes, only spuds sporting the "Grown In Idaho" seal are genuine Idaho Potatoes.

The new commercial, which features the new IPC slogan "Genuine Idaho Potatoes, from the best earth on Earth," is scheduled to run on national cable and local spot TV nationwide beginning November 2008. The 30-second spot is scheduled to air on cable networks including Food Network, The Weather Channel, Discovery Health Network, CNN, Headline News, Fine Living Network and Fox News Channel. The IPC's advertising and public relations agency EvansHardy+Young, Inc., based in Santa Barbara, CA, produced the commercial.

The IPC/Austin partnership dates back to 2004, when the duo launched a groundbreaking nutritional campaign to combat the anti-carb craze. Since then, Austin has remained an integral part of delivering the Idaho Potato Commission's key messages and will continue to do so in the coming year via the new commercial and complementary public relations tactics.

In addition to focusing on Idaho's ideal environment for producing only the best-quality spuds, the IPC continues to spread the nutritional word about potatoes, including the nutritional return on investment (ROI) of Idaho Potatoes.

"In today's economy, consumers are looking to make affordable, healthful purchases that will give them the most bang for their buck," said Muir. "And, at less than 25 cents per potato, Idaho Potatoes are a nutrient-packed, affordable addition to any meal."

One Idaho Potato has only 110 calories, contains zero fat and zero cholesterol. Each 5.3 oz spud contains 45% daily value of vitamin C, nearly two times as much potassium as a banana, fiber, protein, vitamin B6 and complex carbohydrates, which are essential for anyone on the go.

Don't wait for the new spots to start rolling. Catch a sneak peak of the TV commercial streaming online at

Although Idaho is famous worldwide for its premium potatoes, some consumers don't realize that only potatoes grown in the Gem State can wear the "Grown In Idaho" seal. Both Idaho® Potatoes and the "Grown In Idaho®" seal are federally registered Certification Marks that belong to the IPC. These Marks ensure that consumers are purchasing potatoes that have been grown in the state of Idaho.

2008/2009 Idaho Potato Commercial featuring Denise Austin
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Airing on Cable Networks Including:
Food Network
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Discovery Health Network
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Fine Living Network
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