Close Call for Spuddy Buddy

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Eagle, Idaho, January 2006 - The world renowned symbol of Idaho Potatoes, Spuddy Buddy, was involved in a frightening series of events, news of which was recently released by Mexican authorities.

Entering the country to participate in an Idaho trade mission, Spuddy was captured attempting to cross the border. While there is some question weather he actually meant to impersonate a Papas Blanco, it has been verified that his paperwork was not complete. Though treated compassionately, Spuddy was immediately taken into custody and transported to prison.

News of Spuddy's incarceration spread like wildfire through the American intelligence community and negotiations ensued. High ranking U.S. Officials, including the Idaho governor, agricultural trade officials and maximum security individuals (who remain anonymous for their own protection), were involved in the delicate discussions.

Ultimately the internationally famous symbol of the world's top-selling potato was granted a 48-hour "Pass" into Mexico. Spuddy was quickly whisked away and rejoined his American compatriots.

Nimbly recovering from his incarceration, Spuddy stepped up to the plate and resumed his ambassadorial role for Idaho potatoes. He was the hit of a cooking show that was staged to show off Idaho's finest ingredients and his south of the border groupies were ecstatic to receive mini-plush versions of himself.

Carefully attending to the 48 hour "deal" his munificent benefactors arranged, Spuddy returned to his home country after wowing his new found amigos for two days. He vowed to return to his second favorite country soon to visit with his fans, make a pilgrimmage to the site of his incarceration, and to show how a real Idaho Potato should be cooked.