For the Table

A little taste of this…a little bite of that…you can never go wrong with family-style dishes, especially when they’re made with Idaho® potatoes!

We’ve identified some of our favorite shareable sides that make great seasonal (or permanent) additions to any menu. For Green Chile Cheese Fries, ¼-inch sliced potatoes are fried and smothered in a mouth-watering sauce loaded with three types of peppers, black and white beans and flavored with a variety of spices that make your mouth water by just thinking about the dish! For your more indulgent guests, Lobster Potato Skins promise to pop off the menu. Creamy lobster mashed potatoes are presented as twice baked potatoes and topped with shredded lobster meat and finished with a lobster poached potato Parisienne. Yum! Browse through all our recipes for other delicious ideas to share with your guests.