16 Modern Potato Appetizers

One reason potatoes are featured so often and prominently on menus is because of their versatility. We love to see Idaho® potatoes used creatively and have compiled our favorite recipes that redefine the traditional potato side dish. Potatoes originated in Peru and Peruvian Causa Sampler is a true reflection of that country’s appreciation of the tuber with potato dough that is molded into edible cylinders and filled with delectable bites of tuna tartar, grilled octopus and sautéed halibut. Idaho Potato Caviar Tacos are a little simpler in terms of preparation and combine elegance with finger-licking Southwestern flavor. Or, if you’d like to add a French flare to your menu, you can never go wrong with Twin Potato Dauphinoise. The creamy texture of Yukon Golds, layered with thin slices of sweet potatoes, create a delicious and beautiful side dish. Our hope is that these recipes will inspire you to continue to develop and add new potato selections to your menu.