Potato Harvest Favorites

Idaho grows more potatoes than another state…by a lot, too! In a short six-week period approximately 320,000 acres will be harvested yielding about 13 billion pounds of potatoes. For all you football lovers, that’s enough potatoes to fill 500 football stadium 10 feet high!!

In Idaho we love to celebrate harvest time and that includes indulging in all our favorite Idaho potatoes recipes. Loaded Baked Idaho Potato Skins are not your average skins. Beautiful brown russets are baked until piping hot, halved and scooped ever so slightly – leaving lots of the potato “meat” and enough room for toppings like Hormel Chili, lots of cheddar cheese, Hormel Bacon Bits, sour cream and chives.

Or if you’re looking for a side dish, you can never go wrong serving mashed potatoes. The versatile Idaho potato pairs with just about every type of food, so why not get a little creative. Creamy Carrot Mashed Idaho Potatoes with Pecans may make your dinner guests do a double take – orange mashed potatoes? – however once they taste this traditional dish made with whole milk, butter, goat cheese and of course carrots, they’ll be clamoring for seconds!

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