National Nutrition Month '19

What has almost twice as much potassium as a banana? More vitamin C than an apple? And is fat-, sodium- and cholesterol-free? If you guessed Idaho® potatoes, you’re right!

We’re happy to report that the potato is making headlines once again for its impressive nutritional profile. In fact just last year celebrity Dr. Oz said, ”It’s time to end the war on potatoes.” And we couldn’t agree more.

This month we’re celebrating National Nutrition Month and pairing the superfood spud with other nutrient-dense veggies, lean protein and spices to create mouth-watering, healthy recipes for you and your family. For example, it doesn’t get much healthier than Salmon and Idaho Potato Hobos in Parchment. Drizzle olive oil over Sockeye Salmon filets, flavor with citrus spices, and place in a parchment bag.  Add, small red, purple and yellow Idaho potatoes, asparagus and bake in the bag, letting all the flavors meld. Since you serve it in the bag, clean up is super easy!! 

Get the lowdown on all the nutrition facts of an Idaho potato here