Eat with Your Hands

That’s a wrap… Idaho potato food bloggers know that when you’re at a picnic, family celebration or dining on the go, forks, knives, spoons and plates can become cumbersome. Their recommendation – ditch the silverware and eat with your hands – and we love it!

Erica Sanchez of Nibbles and Feasts doesn’t hold back on flavor with Chile Colorado Burrito with Idaho Potatoes. Tender chunks of beef and Idaho potatoes are smothered in guajillo sauce and wrapped in soft flour tortillas.

Or, if mornings are a bit hectic and you’re looking for a grab ‘n go, meal, try Idaho Potato Chorizo Healthy Breakfast Burritos. Sandi Gaertner of Fearless Dining suggests making a few in advance and freezing them. In the morning, just nuke one and you’re off!

Oh, don’t forget to bring a napkin or two!